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    BSOD after win10 upgrade->downgrade->sysprep

    Alright, this all started last week when windows prompted me to upgrade to 10 from 7. I complied as I had had no problems on my laptop using 10. However, when upgraded, the setup was unstable and crashed from time to time with the same error (something about threads). I interpreted it as a problem in the video drivers and uninstalled/reinstalled them multiple times. This was the driver windows was itself unable to install/update. I did not have any problems with my setup in windows 7.

    At one point, I decided to downgrade to 7 as nothing seemed to work. Here is where the manure hit the fan.
    Win7 wouldn't boot in normal mode and gave a BSOD, and in safemode I was unable to locate the faulty driver. I did a little digging and sysprep seemed like the tool for the job.

    This is where I felt the need to contact outside help; windows installer won't install in safemode, and the same old crash occurs in normal startup. The error codes BSOD gives are:

    0x0000007E (0xFFFFFFFF800000003, 0xFFFFF98001c7e02d, 0xfffff880009A8B80)

    Computer specs:
    os: winx86, originally (and now?) 7
    I purchased the copy from a retailer
    Computer was built in the fall of 2013. Installation then aswell.

    I can't access all the specs atm, but I have:
    -quad core intel7 processor
    -nvidia geforce GTX 680 GPU
    -samsung ssd and some other brand HDD where windows was installed
    -three displays, usb mouse/keyboard, a home entertainment set as speakers through HDMI (i had trouble getting this to work in win10 aswell).

    The rig had been working perfect until now. I feel like I'm in over my head and would appreciate any and all help. I have somewhat important data on my HDD and would hate to lose it by formatting and reinstalling everything.

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    Re: BSOD after win10 upgrade->downgrade->sysprep

    Hi QNaerhi,

    Can you please complete steps 1-4 from the Posting Instructions thread in Safe Mode? Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions - Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 & Vista

    As far as 0x7E errors are concerned, it sounds likely to be a faulty driver or system service. Preliminary shot in the dark would be something like anti-virus software, backup/encryption software, etc.
    jcgriff2 says thanks for this.

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