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  1. The Doís and Doníts of Basic Internet and Network Security

    How certain are you that no untrustworthy individuals or unauthorized activities can access your network? Are your network files safe? Do you have some security protection (software and hardware) to keep your vital documents safe in your computer? How important is it for you to guard all your Credit Card, Bank Account and other critical information stored in your computer? Is your network secured with the highest encryption? Did you know that your network can be vulnerable from any unseen threats? ...

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    Network Security
  2. Finding a New Email Provider and Keeping the Existing Web Host

    Scenario: Thereís no Exchange Server residing in the network, email (POP3) is hosted by an Email Provider. This Company is also subscribed to an SMTP Relay Provider providing their relay due to Users having intermittent issue on sending external emails. In addition, they canít send/receive email within their Local Area Network (LAN). For privacy reason letís call this Company Ė Some Company, their Web/Email Provider will be Some Email/Web Host and their domain name is All Ports for ...

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    Email Provider
  3. Backup Strategies for Businesses

    backup solution.jpg
    Backups are often neglected; do you backup your computer or server, if so, how often? At any moment a computer or server may crash unpredictably and put your critical data at risk. Are you confident that you will be able to do a full restoration with minimal downtime? Have you done a full backup test restoration including the hard drive images? How much information do you have stored on your Serverís hard drives? Are you hosting your own email or website? ...
  4. Windows Server 2012 (code name-Windows Server 8) Virtual Guided Labs


    Wait no moreÖ.If you donít have the hardware to install Windows Server 2012 you may test drive thru this virtual lab Ė the new and improved features and functionality, including server management and Windows PowerShell, Networking, Hyper-V, and new/enhanced Storage Solutions. You may also save the Lab instructions ( step by step guide) in Microsoft Word and do a review or study at a later time.

    You may try the hands-on lab for Windows Server

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    Windows Server 2012 , Windows Server
  5. What's The Best Router?

    Selecting the right router and whatís applicable for your network can be difficult. It can depend on your ISP and the type of Broadband (DSL/ADSL, Fiber, Cable or Satellite) connection you have; some can behave differently than others. I hear this all the time and have been often asked the same question - ĎWhatís the best router for meí?

    Iíve recently purchased and set-up a new D-Link N Router to replace our old Linksys G Router as it was acting up. It took me a little while to buy, ...

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    Best Router , Wireless Router
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